Analysis of aaron mc gruders the boondocks

Huey also embodies the revolutionary characteristics associated with Black nationalist movements, particularly taking a nod toward his namesake. But I think some of the image problems we face is intraracial rather than what mainstream media directly puts out there.

MacGruder attended a Jesuit school from grades seven to nine, followed by public high school at Oakland Mills High School and the University of Marylandfrom which he graduated [7] with a degree in African American Studies.

The Boondocks for September 03, 2018

A hopeful nihilism is the perfect marriage between cynicism and being a realist. McGruder has often attacked Elder in the comic strip as well as the television series.

Bush was involved with the September 11 attacks: Essentially, blacks want to see the glass as half full, but too often, life taught us that the glass is always half empty. Or that Huey feels the need to team up with Rev. Even after the Voting Rights Act of was passed, from the Jesse Jackson campaign of and to watching a Jesse Helms win a South Carolina election on the issue of racial quotas and being against affirmative action.

You Suckaz, and Boondocks: This cynicism stands in diametrical opposition to the running social and political commentary he usually prattles off with ease, Huey comes off with a type of hopeful nihilism that I think is rather prevalent in the black community.

In six months, the comic strip was being distributed to more than publications. Many expressed the hope of a black man holding the office of the presidency, but many expressed nihilistic disillusionment that many of those with darker skin in this country have attained over the years of seeing hopes dashed on all accounts at the intersection of black culture and the American political landscape.

Louis during an election. Foxand black conservative commentator Larry Elder. Gary Anthony Williams would reprise his role. Rare is the image of black males and black females for that matter shown in a positive light.

McGruder has an older brother. The episodes depict BET as an evil media empire plotting the destruction of black people. McGruder has developed into a public speaker on political and cultural issues. Newton and his younger brother and wannabe gangstaRiley[4] from inner-city Chicago who are relocated to live with their grandfather in a sedate suburb.

Huey appearance has been evidenced heavily by his large afro that dwarfs his entire body.


This results in Huey almost completely dismissing characters who fail to see life through his particular worldview. This ability to think independently will always be portrayed as a negative image within the contexts of mainstream media and various other image outlets.

Or maybe we all have a bit of both in us: Similarly, we love to tear down the positive images that do exist in the mainstream media. Blacks, as a collective group recently had this notion tested with the election of Barack Obama. McGruder endured heckling and walkouts as he defended his commitment to left-wing causes, including, he claimed, calling Condoleezza Rice a "mass-murderer" to her face during the NAACP Image Awards.

Career[ edit ] The Boondocks and related work[ edit ] The Boondocks began in as a webcomic on Hitlist. Bush is somehow involved, either directly or indirectly, in the attacks on New York City on September Remix, Retro, and Hooligan.A Character Case Study of “The Boondocks” and Huey Freeman: Is he a Cynic or a Realist?

Posted on June 28, by the uppity negro [ Editor’s Note: This is the second of five installments of character case studies on characters on creator and writer Aaron McGruder’s comic strip now turned animated series on Adult Swim, “The.

This paper will construct a literary analysis of The Boondocks comic collections—syndicated from —that will demonstrate Aaron McGruder’s use of the theoretical concept of Black agency, as it relates to literature, birthed from the Harlem Renaissance of the s, the Black Arts Movement of the s and the.

Analysis of Aaron McGruder´s The Boondocks Essay Aaron McGruder uses the freedom afforded by the animated medium and the large viewing audience to first dissemble the idea of a monolithic black identity then to open the door for discussion of what exactly does it mean to be black in America.

Cartoonist Aaron McGruder entered the syndicated comic strip arena in As an African American, McGruder’s social commentary, political criticism, and jokes have a perspective on America unlike White syndicated cartoonists.

Yet one cannot assume that his comic strip is Afrocentric simply because McGruder is African American.

the Funnies: An Analysis of Afrocentricity Within Aaron McGruder’s The Boondocks Tia C. M. Tyree1 and Adrian Krishnasamy2 American boys in the comic strip The Boondocks.

Cartoonist Aaron McGruder is the creator of the comic strip, and as an African American, McGruder’s social commentary, political criticism, and jokes have a.

Aaron McGruder

kinds of speculation and theories, but finally McGruder himself has addressed the issue of his leaving on his Facebook page, which one could interpret as saying he has grown past the show and decided to move on.

Analysis of aaron mc gruders the boondocks
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