Benefits of diversity in education essay

A male and a female engineer might have perspectives as different from one another as an engineer and a physicist—and that is a good thing. Needless to say, diversity education has suffered in this sociopolitical context.

How Teachers will use Technology in the Classroom: By creating an incentive for students to research and explore these important lifelong money management concepts, the Coastwise Prize for Investing Excellence will assist in developing [ The loss of local authority and a concentration of central control through high-stakes tests and a national curriculum are other important elements of neoconservative ideology.

Hence, diversity education has not been experienced similarly across distinct contexts. It seems obvious that a group of people with diverse individual expertise would be better than a homogeneous group at solving complex, nonroutine problems.

More recently, the focus of diversity education has expanded beyond race alone to also include ethnicity, gender, social class, language, sexual orientation, ability, and other differences. In South Africa, Ndimande has made the case that the influence of neoliberalism and neo-conservatism has partly contributed to the lack of resources in township schools and has impeded school access and equal educational opportunities.

Treat people in a way they wish to be treated rather than the way you wish to be treated. Multiculturalism as public policy in Canada, for instance, dates back all the way tobut the shift to the right in the s also brought about changes in educational policies that made a commitment to diversity education difficult, if not impossible Joshee, School can be a very important part of the relocation process for children moving into the Chicagoland area.

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That is, who has access to education? At the societal level, we can advocate for teachers to be well paid for their work, and given the respect they deserve.


Given the current context, I believe these are incredibly crucial questions. At the same time, multiculturalism is not simply the recognition of group identity, although it has been used in this way in some places, most notably in the United States.

Let me then briefly focus on the role teachers have in creating success in spite of societal inequities. The groups with racial diversity significantly outperformed the groups with no racial diversity.

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Students who feel alienated from school find it difficult to claim membership in that particular social circle and they may instead look to other, sometimes more negative spaces, to claim membership.

Knowing pedagogy is also necessary, but if teachers do not at the same time develop meaningful relationships with their students of all backgrounds, the students simply will not succeed.

Conclusion What are the implications of all these things for diversity education? Acknowledgements The author appreciates the comments of two anonymous reviewers. The struggle is long and difficult, but the result, I know, will be worth the time and energy we commit to it.

How Employees Can Support Diversity and Inclusion Know the diversity goals and vision of your organization and its connection to the overall business objectives.

How Diversity Makes Us Smarter

This means recruiting a more diverse faculty in terms of experience and background, as well as determining which attitudes and behaviours dispositions will best serve them if they are to be successful with students.

Welcome ideas that are different from your own, and support fellow teammates. It becomes a case of systematic assimilation of black students into white culture in order to be part of the school. Board of Education decision, states were so slow in acting that there was little change for many years.

Ask your coworkers to share some of the customs and practices associated with their cultures. In this paper, I consider the state of diversity education, in broad strokes, in order to draw some lessons from its conception and implementation in various countries, including South Africa.

In countries as diverse as Canada, Sweden, Japan, and the United States, policymakers and the general public have often viewed language differences as problematic and as an impediment to social cohesion Crawford, ; Cummins, ; Fishman, ; Ota, Official website of the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education.

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Benefits of diversity in education essay
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