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Often still, and certainly until the s, most ceremonies involved the use of a specially manufactured and engraved trowel that had a formal use in laying mortar under the stone.

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This ceremony was described by The Cork Examiner of 13 January as follows: It is believed that the man will die within the year. May He protect the workmen from danger and accident, and long preserve the structure from decay; and may He grant us all our needed supply, the corn of nourishment, the wine of refreshment, and the oil of joy, Amen.

In these cases the measure of the shadow is looked on as equivalent to the shadow itself, and to bury it is to bury the life or soul of the man, who, deprived of it, must die. This in turn derived from the practice in still more ancient times of making an animal or Business cornerstone [1] [2] sacrifice that was laid in the foundations.

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Nowhere, perhaps, does the equivalence of the shadow to the life or soul come out more clearly than in some customs practised to this day in South-eastern Europe.

The foundation stone often has a cavity into which is placed a time capsule containing newspapers of the day or week of the ceremony plus other artifacts that are typical of the period of the construction: Similarly, a special hammer was often used to ceremonially tap the stone into place.

In modern Greece, when the foundation of a new building is being laid, it is the custom to kill a cock, a ram, or a lamb, and to let its blood flow on the foundation-stone, under which the animal is afterwards buried. So mote it be.

The cornerstone ceremony of the Washington, D. These were symbolic of the produce and the people of the land and the means of their subsistence. The Roumanians of Transylvania think that he whose shadow is thus immured will die within forty days; so persons passing by a building which is in course of erection may hear a warning cry, Beware lest they take thy shadow!

Not long ago there were still shadow-traders whose business it was to provide architects with the shadows necessary for securing their walls.


Thus the custom is a substitute for the old practice of immuring a living person in the walls, or crushing him under the foundation-stone of a new building, in order to give strength and durability to the structure, or more definitely in order that the angry ghost may haunt the place and guard it against the intrusion of enemies.

Business cornerstone person is usually asked to place their hand on the stone or otherwise signify its laying. The object of the sacrifice is to give strength and stability to the building.

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