Commedia del arte character analysis and traits pantalone

This sort of composition may have been encouraged by the old custom in the north of Italy of listening in the piazzas and on the highways to the songs of the jongleurs.

The religious movement in Umbria was followed by another literary phenomenon, the religious drama. Ristoro was a careful observer of natural phenomena; many of the things he relates were the result of his personal investigations, and consequently his works are more reliable than those of other writers of the time on similar subjects.

The sonnets of Rustico di Filippo are half-fun and half-satire, as is the work of Cecco Angiolieri of Siena, the oldest humorist we know, a far-off precursor of Rabelais and Montaigne.

On the other hand, in his Ballate, he pours himself out ingenuously, but with a consciousness of his art. Another kind of poetry also began in Tuscany. The Tuscans spoke a dialect that closely resembled Latin and afterward became, almost exclusively, the language of literature, and which was already regarded at the end of the 13th century as surpassing other dialects.

The personal interest he brings to bear on the historical representation of the three worlds is what most interests us and stirs us. In the 15th century, humanist and publisher Aldus Manutius published Tuscan poets Petrarch and Dante Alighieri The Divine Comedycreating the model for what became a standard for modern Italian.

Popular tradition must have furnished him with the materials of many stories, as, for example, that of Griselda. The letters are obscure, involved and altogether barbarous.

Pride is the house of France. We see here vision, allegory, and instruction with a moral object—three elements we find again in the Divine Comedy.

Boccaccio became famous principally for the Italian work, Decameronea collection of a hundred novels, related by a party of men and women who retired to a villa near Florence to escape the plague in Farfa, Marsicanoand other scholars translated Aristotlethe precepts of the school of Salernoand the travels of Marco Pololinking the classics and the Renaissance.

Italian literature

Examples include the chansons de gesteMacairethe Entre en Espagne written by Niccola of Paduathe Prise de Pampeluneand others. The mountain illuminated by the sun is universal monarchy.

Both wrote sonnetsbut while Terramagnino was a critic of the Tuscan schoolPaolo has been alleged as a member.

Everything is supersensual, aerial, heavenly, and the real Beatrice is supplanted by an idealized vision of her, losing her human nature and becoming a representation of the divine.

A school of imitators of the Sicilians was led by Dante da Majanobut its literary originality took another line — that of humorous and satirical poetry.

The poems today are generally studied not as literature, but for historical context.

This furthered the later establishment of the medieval universities of BolognaPaduaVicenzaNaplesSalernoModena and Parma.Italian literature is written in the Italian language, particularly within may also refer to literature written by Italians or in Italy in other languages spoken in Italy, often languages that are closely related to modern Italian.

An early example of Italian literature is the tradition of vernacular lyric poetry performed in Occitan, which reached Italy by the end of the 12th century.

Commedia del arte character analysis and traits pantalone
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