Criminalization of politics essay

Politicians of a sort found a lucrative opportunity in brokering that state patronage.

Short Essay on Criminalisation of Politics in India

With the assumption of so much power, the scope for misusing that power also increase. Since the restoration of multiparty politics, with the repealing of section 2A inethnic based violence has always been part and parcel of the electioneering period.

Many of them are swayed with the idea that if their grip over substantial sections of the electorate by erosion and intimidation or otherwise, and their capacity for booth-capturing and rigging or use of other unfair means, at pistol and dagger points can ensure the election of others, why should they not use that grip or capacity for ensuring their own election as member of the legislatures?

He uses politics or political power to achieve this.

Criminalization of Politics: Nature, Causes and Recent Developments

Again, in the graduate and above category too, candidates facing criminal charges had better chances of winning than those with no criminal charges. Parliament house during the opening day of monsoon session in New Delhi on Monday, August 5, Each one of them is vital for the survival of the other two, for the negation of one would prove fatal for the other two.

Krihnamurty, the Chief Election Commissioner, also faces the same dilemma. The dire consequences of this unholy alliance between criminals and Politicians is that at every level from bottom, Panch at Panchayat level to Chief Minister or Ministers at Sate and Central State, Criminals are being elected and appointed to the positions of power.

With the 16th Lok Sabha election in progress, it becomes pertinent to reflect on these figures and their implications for the democratic processes in the country.

The statutory limit is- Rs 15 lakhs for a Lok Sabha seat depending on the constituency and the number of votersRs 3 to 6 lakhs for state legislatures depending on the areaand Rs 75, for municipal corporations.

Moral values and ethics have long been vanished from the political arena of our country, but we cannot have such an indifferent attitude. A helpless police officer confesses that once a criminal gets the ticket from a party, neither the district administration nor the police can do anything against him.

The analysis done by ADR from these affidavits has been further used and analysed to understand the patterns of criminalisation in our political system.

In any case there is no inhibition in securing the services of musclemen and anti-social elements in order to ensure success at the hustings. The simple implication is that the criminal activities of candidates are not important.

A massive programme of public education in moral and spiritual values is to be planned. The interference of politicians in the administration may be regarded as another reason of criminalisation of politics. Suggested measure to curb criminalization of politics: He is currently serving a life sentence for kidnapping with intent to murder and as many as 34 cases of serious crime are pending against him.

Levelling the electoral field by addressing the role of money power in elections is a pressing imperative. The comparatively better winnability of a criminal candidate across gender, financial status and education of the candidate and across political parties and States, is a worrisome pattern.

It was found that confirmed criminals and history sheeters, even those who were behind the bars at the time were given tickets by different political parties and what is more surprising is the fact that they won the elections. In the election of investigation about the criminal activities of candidates contesting- the election was made and the survey reveals the following figures: We, on behalf of National Campaign for Electoral Reforms, appeal to the political parties, media, and enlightened citizens to fully respect this verdict of the Supreme Court and work for genuine democratic reforms to help us fulfill our potential as a nation and minimize avoidable suffering.Politics is an essential part of every one’s life directly or indirectly.

Poliitics must effect the life of everyone.

Criminalization of Politics in India [Mains Article]

In dictatorship there must be a dictator who rule over the country by his own wish and will. But in democracy the role of politics is very important.

Criminalization of Indian Politics – Essay

India is now the biggest democracy of the [ ]. 4) Criminalization of politics is a disease that will make our democracy hollow if left unchecked. Discuss the measures implemented to check criminalization of politics and the effectiveness of those measures?( words).

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Criminalization of Politics means that the criminals entering the politics and contesting elections and even getting elected to the Parliament and state legislature. The Criminalization of Politics in India India, the largest democratic country and also home to the fair and regular elections.

Essay on Criminalisation of Politics in India

Elections aim at providing the power to select the one by whom we want to be governed. Looking the present statistics, are we really choosing the adroit body to govern us or the candidates are besmirch to the constitution, the. The criminalization of politics, executive & judiciary is almost complete.

The corruption has spread its tentacles far & wide, there is corruption from womb to tomb, from maternity hospital to grave yard. The injustices mated out, the atrocities perpetrated by public servants are worse than Britishers.

650 Words Essay on criminalization of politics in India

Criminalization is a fact of Indian. Essay on Criminalisation of Politics in India This nexus is the real shoot in arm to the criminalization of politics or in other words ‘Bemired politics’.

Indian politics is not a philanthropic activity instead it has become a means to accrue power by the avid and abhorrent leaders.

Criminalization of politics essay
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