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Command terms indicate the depth of the answer required e. ESS is a complex course, requiring a diverse set of skills from its students. Regretfully these pages are only accessible by my own registered students. Students develop an understanding that the connections between environmental systems and societies are diverse, varied and dynamic.

Students will be able to study this course successfully with no specific previous knowledge of science or geography. Through the exploration of cause and effect, the course investigates how values interact with choices and actions, resulting in a range of environmental impacts.

As a result of studying this course, students will become equipped with the ability to recognize and evaluate the impact of our complex system of societies on the natural world. As an interdisciplinary course, ESS is designed to combine the methodology, techniques and knowledge associated with group 4 sciences with those associated with group 3 individuals and societies.

This is obviously not sustainable and this course attempts to discuss the issues surrounding resource use at various scales—from that of the individual for example, attitudes to recycling to that of the global community. During the course, students will study eight different topics.

Following the material on this site is not a substitute for real lessons with tutors conversant with the demands of IB subjects - Using this site is intended to support students in these subjects not teach them to pass IB exams Send article as PDF to.

Because it Ib sl ess topic 2 study an interdisciplinary course, students can study this course and have it count as either an individuals and societies or a science course, or both. As well as links to each unit there is a link to assessment material.

Key features of the curriculum and assessment models Available only at standard level SL The minimum prescribed number of hours is A hands-on approach to the course delivery is emphasised. Paper 3 HL only: Secondary data may be collected but only play a smaller part in the fieldwork.

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However, as the course aims to foster an international perspective, awareness of local and global environmental concerns and an understanding of the scientific methods, a course that shares these aims would be good preparation.

Reports are marked according to seven criteria by the teacher and then sent for external moderation. The teaching approach is such that students are allowed to evaluate the scientific, ethical and socio-political aspects of issues.

It is the intention of the environmental systems and societies course that students should achieve the following objectives. Students taking the IB exam will not be required to complete the final exam for that semester.

Environmental systems and societies

Section A 45 marks; questions consists of four compulsory short-answer questions, one on each of the four topics in the theme. Even though it is written following the IB syllabus it will hopefully still be of use to students taking environmental science, biology or geography courses.

Through a combination of lectures, investigative work and projects you will learn how living things evolved, function and interact with one another.

Science is my passion and I try to let that come out every day. Essentially, SL and HL students sit the same paper except that SL candidates answer two questions and HL candidates answer three from the themes studied, for 20 marks each. It is intended that students develop a sound understanding of the interrelationships between environmental systems and societies, rather than a purely journalistic appreciation of environmental issues.

These include Adobe pdf handouts of presentation material, Quicktime movies of the same and also pdf versions of the entire website topic. The investigation is submitted as a written report.

Each question has two parts worth 10 and 15 marks respectively. Anticipated subjects[ edit ] In some cases, Standard level subjects can be studied in one year, as opposed to the two years for Higher level subjects.

Each question has at least three parts - earlier parts are short-answer questions which may or may not require depth. Questions are based on the core theme but may link with the optional themes as well.

Many images used throughout this website are thumbnails that when clicked open as a floating window above the page. It is firmly grounded in both a scientific exploration of environmental systems in their structure and function and in the exploration of cultural, economic, ethical, political, and social interactions of societies with the environment.

Students will be encouraged to develop solutions from a personal to a community and to a global scale. All materials are sorted into the Topic order as found within the IB syllabus for each subject, so hopefully making it easy for students taking IB courses to follow in the order in which their particular course is being delivered.

Students are assessed both externally and internally External assessment consists of two written papers and provides opportunities for students to demonstrate an understanding through the application, use, synthesis, analysis and evaluation of environmental issues, information, concepts, methods, techniques and explanations.

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Should you succeed in the course, you will be prepared to succeed on the IB examinations. The material covered is primarily designed to aid the understanding of the International Baccalaureate Environmental Systems and Societies course. This site is designed to help students who are studying Post 16 16year old plus Environmental Science and the Ecology sections in a Biology course.

The interdisciplinary nature of the course requires a broad skill set from students and includes the ability to perform research and investigations and to participate in philosophical discussion. In order to become prepared for the IB exams, you will be expected to perform at a high level.May 11,  · Dubay gives some vital last minute guidance in this must watch video for all IB ESS students.

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To help you gauge your progress and understanding, the answers for your IB Environmental Systems and Societies Course Book are available here. Your answers Topic .

Ib sl ess topic 2 study
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