Landing page design case study

The major aim was to present the features in a simple and clear form so that users could quickly comprehend the essence of this product. The designer applied the same style and colors as in the landing page design to increase brand recognition. When the company calculated the month projection based on this percentage, it was a six-figure difference in revenue.

Case Study: Magic.Co. Creative Landing Page Design

Process The client is a British company Collectively Intelligent Limited from London, the curator of a digital collaboration platform called Colony. The presentation of a new unique product can become a challenge for designers. The designer tried different color combinations laying the gradients on the shape.

It was a good example of teamwork: This is the value of a trust or authority symbol. The final option had calmer gradient combinations in the middle, where company name and slogan were located, to keep readability at a high level. First, you should train your taste watching the examples of design in all spheres, following not only mobile, web designers and companies but also the influencers in such spheres as graphic design, architecture, photography, and art.

The problem was that Step One was all vital information, and nothing could be stripped away to reduce it. This way you will always know what directions are on top right now, what ideas are trendy and catchy.

It was a good example of teamwork: Project Landing page for the agency that presents different services Process The given design is a landing page of the agency website. They agreed that going with a more uniform approach with consistent products might be the better route to increase average revenue per visitor.

Overall, she got 4 variants based on the specific color palette, and among them, she chose the one that kept the harmonious combination of contrast and integrity.

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Keeping the vivid and attractive mood in mind, the designer started to search for the gradients combination as with their help the picture becomes lively.

As a result, they symbolize the mystery behind the imaginary scenes that the user was invited to discover. Tokens let staking your ownership on your good judgment when proposing tasks or claiming someone should be paid.

BagServant Includes a Trust Symbol Ecommerce site BagServant, devoted to showcasing lesser-known designers as well as big name brands online, had recently won an impressive sector award. The main gradients were yellow-orange-red, pink-purple, vivid cyan-blue.

The designer started to create the abstract combination of elements keeping in mind that it can be further animated. Other than the change from image to video, all other elements remained the same.

The illustrations were focused on the objective of showing how Colony helps people around the world to communicate and successfully collaborate.

11 Landing Page Optimization Case Studies to Read Now

This way you will always know what directions are on top right now, what ideas are trendy and catchy.Eklos Branding & Landing Page Design Making way for a new kind of Business Accelerator AB-Inbev, one of the world’s most important brewing companies, contacted us to come up with a name and visual system that would earn their new business accelerator a.

Let’s check out 5 landing page design case studies: Case Study #1: BettingExpert Adds Value Betting Expert is an online sports betting site, looking to increase sign-ups on their landing page. Making a landing page interesting and catchy is as important as its being informative and clear.

Today’s case study shares the design flow of creating a bright landing page for a company with a diversity of services it offers to its clients.

Task. Landing page design with custom illustrations for a digital collaboration platform. Process. The client is a British company Collectively Intelligent Limited from London, the curator of a digital collaboration platform called platform enables people all.

The case study headline offers a step-by-step solution for landing “High-Ticket Web Design Clients.” Logos of big-name businesses boost authority by aligning the brand with some well-known companies.

Case Study: Magic.Co. Creative UI Design for a Landing Page

May 27,  · An idea for an A/B test can come from anywhere, but there’s nothing like a stack of case studies to inspire you to attack your own landing pages to see what you can mi-centre.comon: W. Camino Real, Unit #, Boca Raton,FL.

Landing page design case study
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