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The restaurant operated throughout the winter season on Sandra Landers, who had become acquainted while working in a Portland, Oregon, restaurant. The partnership operated for a period of five 5 months after which the partnership was dissolved as of March 30, Each partner would be entitled to one-third of this amount.

The underlying factor is that the entity operated for a period of time. This income statement communicates to Mrs. She realized that an accounting would have to be made as of March 30 and called in Donald Simpson, an acquaintance who was knowledgeable about accounting.

No other partnership assets were missing. He would list the items that the partnership owned as of Lone pine cafe balance sheet 30, subtract the amounts that are owned to outside parties, and the balance would be the equity of the three partners.

Each owner invested an equally equitable sum into the partnership as of November 1st, under the understanding that they would share in the profits equally. Amerbran Company A 1.

Prepare a balance sheet as of March 30, Disregarding the martial complications, do you suppose that the partners would have been able to receive their proportional share of the equity determined in Question 2 if the partnership was dissolved on March 30, ? The second balance sheet shows the state of the partnership entity finances as of this date.

Therefore, in order for Mrs. No rental amount was assigned to this apace. In response to Mr. The owners occupied quarters above the Cafe. Please see in the following examples: These accounts were subsequently paid in full.

Since the income statement and the balance sheet are said to articulate with one another, this income statement also validates the loss in cash during the same operating period found on the balance sheet.

Furthermore, a revised capital account as of March 30th, would show a loss versus the original capital invested in the partnership. Antoine had left behind most of his clothing, presumably because he could not remove it without warning Mrs.

During the period of its operation, the partners drew salaries at agreed-upon amounts, and these payments were up to date.

Posted on October 16, by admin Problem 2: The court subsequently affirmed that the partnership was dissolved as of March The partnership was formed by Mr.

Lastly, the equity paid to the partners would be secondary to accounts payable and the notes payable. Antoine was the cook, and Mrs. Antoine concluded that the partnership was dissolved.

Landers had taken all her possessions, but Mr. On the morning of March 31,Mrs. This resulted as the business expenses grossly exceeded the total sales revenues.

Landers waited on customers.

Lone Pine Cafe Case Analysis

This primarily results in a valuation of the equipment as of March 30th balance sheet and its view that the equipment is utilised in a going concern. Loan Pine Cafe B. Shortly after November 1, the partners opened the restaurant.

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Antoine to continue to operate her business, not only must she shore up her dissolved partnership and payoff the bank loan and accounts payable suppliers, but she must also find a way to lesson her expenses and generate more sales — therefore, providing her a positive net income.

The clothing that MR. This facility attracted the partners in part because there were living accommodations on the floor above the restaurant. In affect, the operating partner, Mrs.

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Antoine discovered the MR. Hendry Antoine and Mrs.Case Study Lone Pine Café: Balance SheetBalance sheet As on Balance sheet As on 2 November 30 March Assets Assets. In current case of Lone Pine Café, since the partnership started its operations from 2nd November and the again balance sheet is prepared on 30th Marchthe accounting period as per accounting period concept is from 2nd November to 30th November View Lone Pine Cafe from BUSINESS A at IIM Bangalore.

Lone Pine Caf Balance sheet as on Nov 1, Assets Cash in bank Equipment Inventory Cash register Liabilities Owner's%(1). Case Study Lone Pine Cafe. Presented by Preety Rateria Nipun Goel Venkat raman mi-centre.com Mahesh loans & advances Food and beverages Checking A/c Prepaid license fees Cash Register Balance Sheet for the Lone Pine Cafe as of November 2, Problem 2: On March 21,the partnership that had been organized to operate the Lone Pine Café was dissolved under unusual circumstance, and in connection with its dissolution, preparation of a balance sheet became necessary.

lone pine cafe, best solution u will find Q1- Balance sheet on November 2 On november 2, they had a Loan outstanding of $ from a local bank, each partner was physically present and working in café.

Lone Pine Café owed $ to local bank as $ was paid by the partnership. On March 30, Lone Pine Café owed $, it will.

Lone pine cafe balance sheet
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