Manage health and social care

This pictures human behaviours as subject to a set of fundamental drives. This could be the disability associated with the physical illness such as mobility problems or the impact of more than one physical condition at any one time.

Care planning and review ensuring that the customer is fully involved and consents to the care plan in place and alter and change where necessary to accommodate any changes in preferences etc.

It is more of a legal responsibility to ensure that all the areas of service meet the relevant standards. The organization can try to build those skills and behavioral aspects in other staff members as well.

They demand such working environment which is disease free and is positive with the perspective of maintaining their health. It is foremost method and procedure that will be adopted by the Sam. I have produced a staff training matrix which has all training requirements needed and when they are due to be commenced.

When sharing information with others the Caldicott Principles are put in to place. A cross sector survey of front line staff was also attempted with limited response, which is indicative to the on-going challenge of engaging independent organisations.

Manage health and social care practice to ensure positive outcomes for individuals

Performance expectations Manage health and social care the basis for Manage health and social care employee performance. The process of assessing risk needs to be timely, inclusive and well documented.

This is sourced in a variety of ways. Disciplinary actions are usually instigated when the relevant party is not operating as per the required standards. Manage health and social care practice to ensure positive outcomes for individuals Manage health and social care practice to ensure positive outcomes for individuals 8 August Health care Outcome based care is about putting the customer at the centre of the care service and not prescribing a one size fits all policy.

This is because all the aspects that would bring along hindrance are identified, and necessary adjustments are made. A good example is the Care Quality Commission CQC that brought essential standards of safety and quality that have become integral to the workplace.

It is important that my staff know that their role is to support customers to feel both physical and emotional well-being and in order to do this individuals need to feel, safe and secure. The wastage could lead towards the unorganized organizational operations and can minimize the level of quality.

Thus these significant aspects could be availed by health and social care setting. They often provide emotional, social and financial support for the service user. Among the methods is conducting audits to ensure that the relevant regulatory and legislative frameworks have been adhered to.

When the concerns are given precedence, it becomes easy to find solutions for eradicating or mitigating them. Achieving good health for all means not just reacting to ill-health but to promote good health, preventing diseases and helping people to make informed health choices.

Carers might be best positioned to provide the help needed to achieve the best possible outcomes for the service user. Good performance is also rewarded during the appraisal process. To ensure the quality at care home the Sam is required to make alignment with the CQC standards and their guidelines.

The health and social cat act regulation 23a states that the registered person must have suitable arrangements in place in order to ensure that persons employed for the purpose of carrying out a regulated activity are appropriately supported in relation to their responsibilities, to enable them to deliver care and treatment to service users safely and to an appropriate standard including by — A.

Care should always be bespoke to the customer taking into account their needs and choices. As the manager I am aware that I have a social and legal responsibility to ensure that customers who use my service have their needs met.

The set up of grievance department could be put into system. As the manager it is my responsibility to collate the information and act on the results and implement changes or resolve issues as they arise. Thus, by moving away from need based care, outcome based practice focuses on the needs, feelings or desires of the individuals.

The service users know that what they demand from the hospital so it can put positive impact at the efforts made by hospital to improve their service quality. As a Manager I use Staff Plan roster programme which also allows training information to be added and alerts me when training requires updating.

It is important that staff have good interpersonal skills, which are fundamental in promoting and individuals well-being. Retrieved 18 Januaryfrom https: As a result, the people seeking care services tend to get quality services in the long-run, something which is a positive outcome.

This regulation talks about social and health care audit. You can expect to be involved and told what is happening at every stage of your care 2.

Health and Social Care

As the manager I often work with voluntary organisations for additional support.Outcome based practice refers to the actual impacts, effects and or end results of services / interventions on an individual’s life.

Its effectiveness is not measured by numbers/figures or financial strategies it is measured by the positive outcome that is achieved. Free Essay: Lead and manage a team within health and social care Sharon Chapman / explains the features of effective team performance An effective.

Within the health and social care services, quality in service delivery is essential. Quality is an important aspect to the users and the service providers as well as others stakeholders within this circle.

Manage Quality in Health and Social Care or Children and Young People’s Setting

Usually, in an attempt to improve services. M// – Manage health and social care practice to ensure positive outcomes for individuals! / – Explain outcome based practice? Presently, the concept of outcome based practices is gaining the attention of a lot of health and social care service providers to.

We will write a custom essay sample on Manage health and social care practice to ensure positive outcomes for individuals specifically for you for only $ $/page Order now. Analyse how legislative and regulatory frameworks inform quality standards that apply to the work setting The health and social care setting are quite complex in many ways.

This is due to the issues that revolve around. As a result, there are numerous government legislations that have been instituted to help monitor various proponents.

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Manage health and social care
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