Observation requierments

Discuss the controversial side of the sustainability conversation, while you get hands-on with some sustainable practices. Saturday, April 27,9am—4pm Saturday, May 11,9am—4pm. Learn about the different types on engineers and the jobs they perform.

Take a hike to discover local plants and animals and learn how they make up an ecosystem.

Learn the history about the Haudenosaunee, their way of life, traditional dwellings, tribal government, religious beliefs, language, clothing style, games, warfare and other customs.

Detectando comportamientos de cliente en los diferentes puntos de contacto y activando mensajes, ofertas, alertas etc.

Try your hand at building and programming a robot. Reducir el impacto de los riesgos: Explore all that the Nature Center has to offer both inside and out!

Evitar perder negocios al considerarlos fraudulentos sin serlo. Non-refundable payment in full is required at registration. Explore museum exhibits and view an Enviroscape demonstration. For thousands of years, using a map and compass has been a vital skill for humans.

Get hands-on in our Inventor Center exhibit. Experience instructor-led classroom activities and experiments and museum exhibit exploration. Los modelos predictivos que estiman la probabilidad de fuga, el valor vitalicio del cliente, el segmento al que un cliente pertenece, etc.

Generamos modelos financieros automatizados para proponer descuentos y extra contenidos sin acelerar la elasticidad de precio evitando perder valor en lugar de agregarlo.

Stretch your imagination to envision molecules that cannot be seen—but can be proven to exist— and you become a chemist. Get hands-on with soil, erosion, water pollution and alternative energy sources.

Scouting at the Rochester Museum & Science Center

Space in the classroom is limited, so be mindful of the number of adults that will stay in the classroom.Empresa que fusiona la investigación de mercados con Big Data Analytics generando soluciones integrales con enfoque estratégico. Scout programming at the Rochester Museum & Science Center provides scouts with hands-on experiments and activities centered on the Boy Scouts of.

Observation requierments
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