Relation of literature to life

This unsettled period of his life lasted for several years. And the conclusion of Plato is that we ought not to pursue any occupation to the neglect of that for which riches exist--"I mean," he says, "soul and body, which without gymnastics and without education will never be worth anything; and therefore, as we have said not once but many times, the care of riches should have the last place in our thoughts.

Nothing but the thought and emotion evolved and expressed. It opened to them a boundless realm of poetry and imagination.

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This is a standard—impossible to be reached perhaps, but a standard. During the years which immediately followed his departure from college, Warner led the somewhat desultory and apparently aimless life of many American graduates whose future depends upon their own exertions and whose choice of a career is mainly determined by circumstances.

It is natural that every man should magnify the circle of the world in which he is active and imagine that all outside of it is comparatively unimportant.

We do not mean books of law, of theology, of politics, of science, of medicine, and not necessarily books of travel, or adventure, or biography, or fiction even. If I may be permitted to indulge in the recital of a personal experience, there is one incident I recall which will bring out this trait in a marked manner.

One of the subjects which engaged his attention was the best method to be adopted for elevating the character and conduct of the negro population of the country. Never in truth was any one more loyal to his friends.

We are inquiring how wholly this conception of life is divorced from the desire to learn what has been done and said to the end that better things may be done and said hereafter, in order that we may understand the popular conception of the insignificant value of literature in human affairs.

Literature and art are not only the records and monuments made by the successive races of men, not only the local expressions of thought and emotion, but they are, to change the figure, the streams that flow on, enduring, amid the passing show of men, reviving, transforming, ennobling the fleeting generations.

Essay on the connection between literature and life

The more literature is free from its class limitations, and becomes the vehicle of the thoughts and feeling of the common man, the working people, the more will it tend to become popular and public. We cannot conceive the abject animal condition of our race were poetry abstracted; and we do not wonder that this should be so when we reflect that it supplies a want higher than the need for food, for raiment, or ease of living, and that the mind needs support as much as the body.

But one fate practically came to the most of them. Along its banks sprang up in succession the generations of man. The truth with which he deals is not that which the anatomist may lay bare on the dissecting-table, but that which a poet divines and translates. To the general public the volume which followed--"In the Levant"--was perhaps of even deeper interest.

Alike the gorgeousness and the squalor of the Orient appealed to his artistic sympathies.

Relation of Literature to Life

The laws of morality, again, undergo changes from country to country and from age to age.Books are literature when they bring us into some relation with real life.

Herein lies its power and universal appeal. While there are some who take perfection of form to be the chief pre-occupation of literature, many more are inclined to the view that the primary value of literature is its human significance.

literature in common life--some hearers thought with an exaggerated emphasis--and attempted to maintain the thesis that all genuine, enduring literature is the outcome of the time that produces it, is responsive to.

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What is related literature?

Read "Relation Of Literature To Life" by Charles Dudley Warner with Rakuten Kobo. It is nevertheless misleading; it is the illusion of an idle fancy. I have introduced it because it expresses, with some whimsical exaggeration—not much more than that of “The Vision of Mirza”—the popular notion about literature and its relation to human life.

The Relation of Literature to Life [Charles Dudley Warner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This paper was prepared and delivered at several of our universities as introductory to a course of five lectures which insisted on the value of literature in common life—some hearers thought with an exaggerated emphasis—and .

Relation of literature to life
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