Setting up a golf simulator business plan

There are successful facilities that have only one simulator and there are facilities with more than The baffle hangs behind the white golf simulator hitting screen, allowing you to place the enclosure very close to the wall.

Keep it simple and monitor it. The same formula applies for both methods of charging for simulator time. This method requires a little more attention from your staff to ensure a good pace of play.

OptiGolf Indoor Golf Centres

That will eventually pay for the machine, but does it set you apart? Of course one thing you have to take into account is the number of golfers in your area. Families can enjoy some time together for an outing and hitting some golf balls! Initially, our founders will hold management roles at the facility to not only keep employees wage expenses down, but to also act as a method of internal control.

We recommend a gap of 24 inches from your netting system to the rear wall when using the hanging system. The people that I have talked with who have offered memberships from day one, regret it! The black side netting is easily stowed out of sight when not in use.

They are located in Calgary and offer same day delivery. Be careful of how you bring a golf pro into your facility.

The MiniBay™ 4:3 Indoor Home Golf Simulator

Maestro golfers can compete for prizes in local indoor golf competitions! Add attractions other than golf. A single golfer, who is accustomed to playing on a simulator, can play a full round of 18 holes in about 45 minutes; verses playing outdoors which may take as long as two hours or more.

The nastier it is outside the better it can be for your business. Include league players, teaching pros and parents of children learning to play. What Fore Seasons gets in return is the ability to rent their units for 5 year terms paying lease payments monthly.

Clearly your business model will reflect this idea through advertising and promotions. Private Lessons — Our full time teaching professional will be available for one on one and group teaching sessions. First we are aiming towards the avid golfers of Calgary.

Another popular method, which mirrors outdoor golf courses, is to offer memberships. The ability to mount video cameras, the instant statistical breakdown, and uninterrupted atmosphere are indicative to an excellent learning environment for the customers. Pensioners can play 9 holes in the morning with discounted rates!

This sort of customer is equally valued and appreciated as the other.Mar 04,  · Indoor Golf Center/Bar. By MickeyBlue, March 4, in Golf Talk. I was looking for some advice/comments/ideas on setting up an indoor golf business in the suburbs of a major city with winter lasting around 5 months.

I would envision this facility having 5 aboutgolf simulators to use. If I were building assumptions for the business. May 22,  · Virtual Golf is a Viable Small Business Idea For Entrepreneurs For those who are looking for a great small business idea that requires relatively little capital to start, opening an indoor golf simulator business is a great way to go.

For Your Business

Ride this phenomenal trend with GOLFZON simulators for your business. That will eventually pay for the machine, but does it set you apart? No! Playing Simulator Golf is a different option altogether. Fast games, high revenue collection per hour, more drink sales, and best of all, more repeat business.

Simulator Entertainment Company. Indoor Golf Simulators by OptiGolf - Indoor Golf Innovators is the ultimate in indoor golf simulator technology. Our indoor golf simulators are manufactured in Australia and distributed worldwide.

This indoor golf system is perfect as a business on its own or in an Indoor Golf Centre, for all sporting and social clubs, entertainment centres even your.

With an indoor golf business, the more that your simulators are being used, the more money you can bring in.

Golf Simulator Solutions and Business Opportunities

Many people who are setting up indoor golf facilities overlook a very important question: what are people doing while they’re not hitting the ball?

All customers are encouraged to do their own research and create their own. Opening a golf simulator business can make the sport more accessible to those wanting to play without the hassle, and the simulator can provide data that helps regular players know their swing speeds, launch angles and other important statistics that show them where they can improve and which equipment works best.

Set up promotions to .

Setting up a golf simulator business plan
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