Swot analysis of halal restaurant

Individual demand seems to point to health risks of fat content and leans toward healthier substitutes at lower prices. Only fresh ground beef and handmade patties. With the increase in the number of Muslims, the demand for these types of food has also increased tremendously, and this trend is projected to continue over the forecast period, hence driving the Asia Pacific market.

Religious swing to Islam and migration from Muslim dominated nations in other regions are the other two vital dynamics responsible for the significantly rising Muslim population in the Asia Pacific. The market is expected to continue to build its momentum across the global supply chain.

Financing franchisees could net additional revenues and profits. Room for growth in the U. Fast growing chain that is high in demand, especially with its recent expansion to Canada. Competition in the fast food industry. Risk of Five Guys franchises are those close to the risks of an entrepreneur opening a business.

Not as fast as other Fast food restaurants. Also, these companies have to constantly update various certifications to optimize the trade process at several instances where these become mandatory for exports.

It is highly expected that every stakeholder must be fully accountable and responsible for procuring, handling, manufacturing, and quality control of halal foods.

Possibility to expand menu. Manufacturers have been trying to drive change in the entire value chain of this market from raw material, product development to finished product packaging, marketing and spreading the benefits of consuming these products along with the social media advertisements.

The primary concern for the manufacturers is to determine the specific standard that is likely to offer them the best possible access to a target market. The worldwide Muslim population has grown from around 1. Moreover, the growing popularity of halal food among the non-Muslims in the other regions owing to rising awareness for food security, freshness, healthiness, and nutrition has another vital role to play in driving the industry growth.

With the growing world Muslim population, the demand for meat and meat products will also increase. Health concerns associated with high calorie and fat content, peanut oil and other allergies. This is mainly because of the fact that it accounts for the largest Muslim population in the world.

Offer healthier substitutes or products or use different oils other than peanut oil. These factors are anticipated to be crucial factors backing the halal foods industry growth.

Market trends for fast food chains. Food safety and traceability have become a major concern in the entire industry. With a large, diverse, and educated consumer base of approximately 1.

Inability for franchisees to borrow cash to cover operating expenses which can possibly reduce expansion.

Due to legislation, calories are now required for all menus in chain restaurants which can dissuade potential buyers, even though Five Guys food contains no trans-fat. Middle East and Africa, home to over million Muslims and is another growing halal food consumer region and providing potential opportunities for importers.

A persistent confusing environment for establishing international halal standards, mainly because they are framed by various types of organizations is a major restraint.

The International Monetary and Financial Systems reported that at one instance where the global economy is entering a secular stagnation owing to decline in investments and the aging population, the Islamic economy, on the other hand, stands in stark contrast offering vast opportunities for the economic growth.

Could use a different approach to advertising than most fast food chains.SWOT ANALYSIS: _ Strengths: 1-Lacking of premium halal food- there are not many halal restaurants available in Perth, hence it will be quite popular place for Muslims to enjoy a halal and good quality restaurant.

2-in Perth there is no famous halal restaurant so; there is not much competition that will occur in the halal restaurant market.

GEOGRAFIA Online TM Malaysia Journal of Society and Space 9 issue 11 (1 - 9) ©, ISSN The competitiveness of halal food industry in Malaysia: A SWOT - ICT analysis Abdul Manaf Bohari1, Cheng Wei Hin 1, Nurwahida Fuad 2 1College of Business, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok, Kedah, 2Department of Business.

Halal logistics in Malaysia: A SWOT analysis. Purpose: The purpose of this SWOT analysis study on Halal logistics industry in Malaysia are to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities. Gabri's Restaurant & Lounge fine dining restaurant business plan strategy and implementation summary.

Gabri's Restaurant & Lounge is a fine dining establishment in Long Branch, New Jersey. Toggle navigation. Starting a business made easy Learn how to perform a SWOT analysis/5(). An analysis on the competitiveness of halal food industry in Malaysia: an approach of SWOT and ICT strategy Abdul Manaf Bohari 1, Cheng Wei Hin 1, Nurwahida Fuad 2.

SWOT Analysis: Opportunities & Threats. Sitemap. Red Team‎ > ‎ SWOT Analysis: Opportunities & Threats. PART C.

Perform an opportunities and threats portion of a SWOT analysis on Five Guys Enterprises as a franchisor. Law suits to individual franchises or Five Guys Enterprises, LLC.

Swot analysis of halal restaurant
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