Tourism has done more harm than good to our country

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In order to reduce the congestion on the roads there are two steps that could be taken. Socio-cultural impacts are concerned with the effects tourism has on host communities and the residents.

Also, travellers can spread infectious diseases around the world. Things like ancient buildings, monuments, and temples often struggle to cope with the vast amounts of tourist traffic and they suffer wear and tear or damage.

New York, USA, with Since visitor numbers are relatively high one can imagine there would be no coral left if every visitor took home a chunk.

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Now for the case against, taking account of the common good. And these managers must also understand that not one impact is more important than the others are.

Tourism can provide much-needed employment for people. In order to even out the seasonal peaks and troughs it is necessary for the tourism managers to work out ways to attract more people in the off peak season. The third solution would be to build or create specific reef viewing areas.

Inhalf a billion people traveled worldwide which indicates the huge scale of the tourism industry. Offering reduced chairlift rates might attract more tourists and the resort could work in conjunction with local accommodation outlets to provide cheap packages. So I understand why a tourist economy is necessary.

It can even encourage people to set up their own businesses by promoting the unique aspects of their culture, food or merchandise. Once the resident gets to town they find the streets crowded with tourists and queues at the counters.

You can order a custom essay on Tourism now! And finally the last tool that could be used to help the host community is by actually involving them in tourism planning and development.

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One must remember that the authenticity of a destination can be ruined if it is overdeveloped. For the vast majority, the knowledge of Thailand or Sri Lanka acquired through tourism consists of little more than the whereabouts of the beach. If a lot more people holidayed in their own country they would be leaving their money among their own people and fighting this depression in a practical manner.

In there were only one million tourists worldwide whereas in there were more than one million international tourists from New Zealand alone Otago University Resource, Apr 22,  · Do you think enforcing immigration laws will harm tourism from other countries?

What are the specific problems with Tourism in Puerto Rico and what can be done to bring more visitors? How relevant is our Queen?Status: Resolved. Does tourism bring more damage than economic benefits?

Hong Kong. many seem to forget the harm it causes. For example, a recordtourists visit the Forbidden City in Beijing every day. Does tourism do more harm than good? Story by Tom Kelly. Wednesday, 2nd September, am. Share. Share this with: Irish people travelling abroad exceeded the number of tourists visiting our country.

Irish people made more than million overseas trips and spent around €7 billion in the process. The bulk of these trips were for. Jul 10,  · However, it has produced harm for our life. Firstly, our environment is being polluted. In my whole experience in teaching English to tourists, they've never become a burden to me.

Tourism in the country just gets more bigger and bigger and it does help the economy of the country. that tourist industry cause more harm than good.

People. Does tourism do more harm than good to the nature? Update Cancel. How is tourism doing more harm than good in Morocco? Do you think that tourism does more harm than good?

Civilization has done more harm than good to teenagers in our community. How has it harmed to us? Debate about Tourism does more harm than good to society: Yes, I agree because or No, I disagree because.

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Tourism has done more harm than good to our country
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