Treeplan academic writing

Assignments are summarized on the last page of this syllabus. I suggest you consider the eBook edition of the text, it is less expensive, can be printed a limited of timesand weighs infinitely less than the hardcopy book.

Faculty may also require other specialized software applications. The College of Business has this software loaded on all computers on 3rd floor Bate or the alternate computer site if you happen to be on campus.

Communicate Develop skills to effectively treeplan academic writing quantitative information and recommendations, and to articulate professional, quality written reports based on complex analysis. If you chose to use the demo software instead of the full version, DO NOT download the software until the around date we start using RSP or Risk listed on the syllabus, this is a trial download that is active for only about 10 days after download.

If you download too early it will expire before you can use it for the simulation assignments. Value Utilize EDGE ethics, diversity, global and environment perspective to evaluate "real life" problems and alternative solutions to quantitative business problems.

If you bought a used text you will have to purchase an access code separately if you wish to access the Online Text Materials. Joyner Library has copies available for student use on a reference and first come first served basis. The laptop or mobile computer must be capable of running Microsoft Windows and the latest version of Microsoft Office.

Website for Spreadsheet Modeling for Business Decisions. Catalog Description - Managerial problem solving and decision making skills using quantitative methods and computer skills. It is perfectly acceptable to buy a used copy of the text.

However, used copies do not come with access to the Text Website. Lead Demonstrate effective leadership skills to successfully structure and complete collaborative group work.

Course Description and Goals: You can also try Risk - full term download included with text at http: This course covers the quantitative methods used to formulate and solve problems in business, management, economics, and the social and life sciences Prerequisite: The College of Business requires that all students enrolled in a College of Business course acquire and have available a laptop or mobile computer for use in and out of the classroom environment.

You need to use the code that accompanies the textbook to access the site. Treeplan - included on the Text Website or at TreePlan.Top. Academic Integrity: Any academic dishonesty will result in a failing grade and appropriate university disciplinary actions taken.

Please do your own work. If you do not understand the academic integrity policy of the ECU Marketing and Supply Chain Management Department please see the instructor. Company and Legal Information. About TreePlan Software. TreePlan Software is a San Francisco based company providing decision analysis add-ins for Excel: TreePlan for decision trees, SensIt for sensitivity analysis, and SimVoi for Monte Carlo simulation.

Treeplan academic writing
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