We must abolish capital punishment essay

Those that stand against the use of capital punishment often question the constitutionality of the practice and also state the case that capital punishment is not effective and severely flawed, mostly targeting low income individuals and minorities.

Clifton Duffy, former warden of San Quentin Prison in California, and others have testified that capital punishment is "a privilege of the poor. Brookings Institution Press, Does the death penalty really deter criminals?

The Supreme Court suggested that in exceptional circumstances death sentence should be imposed only when public interest, social defence and public order would warrant. This is why the murderers that are caught tend to talk about how they got so angry and impassioned in the moment that they did not think about the consequences of their actions at all.

State of Punjab[7] upheld that constitutional validity of death sentence. In almost all retentionist countries, capital punishment is granted as a penalty for planned murder, espionage, treachery, or as part of military justice.

Why Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished

But death, is too high a price to pay when studies show that convicted murderers rarely commit another violent crime. Currently, 31 states in the US have the death penalty, that is, people who are convicted of capital crimes in these states can be sent to their deaths, whereas 18 states have abolished it.

In fact, two of the largest democracies in the world — India and the United States of America, both have the provision for capital punishment as a part of their legal system. This is perhaps one of the most important reasons why the death penalty must be abolished, as it can lead to innocent people being put to their deaths.

This long wait that the person on death row has to endure can be extremely cruel. The convicted are executed slowly, by firing bullets at intervals, starting at the ankles.

It is, therefore, in the fitness of things that India has not so far abolished capital punishment but used it more judiciously.

Should capital punishment be abolished ? – Essay

Earlier, the killing of criminals and political opponents was prevalent in almost every civilization. A study made in the U. It took another year for him to be executed.

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Some countries, like the U. This is a famous quote that many people cite when they pitch for the abolishment of capital punishment death penalty from the judicial process.

So time has come to reconsider death sentence as a means of punishment. S Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens remarked that his vote in the decision was regrettable, this is in fact a growing trend among many Americans today for a host of reasons.

The convict challenged the death sentence and its constitutionality.Capital Punishment. According to a number of sources capital punishment, which is sometimes used interchangeably with the death penalty, is defined as the legal authorized killing of another as punishment for a crime.

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ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. This must be changed, and these states need to abolish it on the ground that it carries a dangerous risk of punishing the innocent.

The action is barbaric, unethical, and is an ineffective punishment of a crime committed/5(2). Capital punishment is the most ­irreparable crime governments perpetrate without consequence, and it must be abolished.

“We’re only ­human, we all make mistakes,” is a commonly used phrase, but it is tried and true. Capital Punishment Must Be Abolished Essay - The death penalty is not the most effective form of punishment for criminals. The death penalty.

Essay about We Must Abolish Capital Punishment - In Support of Abolishing Capital Punishment The purpose of this study is to present a handful of arguments stating why capital punishment should be abolished.

We must abolish capital punishment essay
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