What effective managers really do

Then, treat people with the concern they deserve as your most important valuable asset.

A Developer of People To accomplish more through the people in your organisation, strive to be a developer of people. A managers ability to clearly communicate where the team and the organisation is going was ranked the number one characteristic of a good manager in The purpose of a manager is to achieve results through the activities of other people.

A Builder of an Effective Team An effective manager builds a diverse group of people into a smoothly functioning team. When you lead your team members to gain new skills and to be more productive in their activities you add unlimited power to the effectiveness of your organisation.

It is also the function of the manager to see that each team member is held accountable and to provide feedback that supports continued success. As a manager, you can multiply the effects of your personal growth by inspiring and directing your people to undertake a program of personal development.

When the manager succeeds, the organisation benefits directly and your effectiveness as a manager plays a vital role in achieving your personal goals.

The definition of an effective manager

It is the function of the manager to see that each team member receives the proper assignment, knows how to execute it, and is committed to the appropriate action.

A Leader of People An effective manager is also a leader of people. You have both the opportunity and responsibility to give direction for the organisation. Recognise people, not capital spending and automation, as the primary source of productivity. Leadership involves the ability to communicate, to persuade, to encourage, and to inspire people to take meaningful and productive actions.

Those who work most effectively with and through other people produce the most outstanding results. The results and rewards are well worth your efforts. You show people where to go and help them define the best path for reaching that destination. Powerful results flow from team members who willingly follow a manager enthusiastically, committed to effectiveness and success.

Are you an effective manager? Genuine leadership involves gaining commitment from those you lead so that they- like you- understand their part in the overall purpose of the organisation and are committed to its success.

In an effective teameach team member fulfills a specific, assigned role, everything clicks and the goal is reached.What Effective General Managers Really Do by John P. Kotter Here is a description of a typical day in the life of a successful executive, in this case the president of an investment.

“What Effective General Managers Really Do” sought to describe that behavior and explain why it worked so well. Rereading this article nearly 20. Leadership: What Effective Managers Really Do and How They Do it (McGraw-Hill series in management) 2nd Edition.

by Leonard R. Sayles (Author) › Visit Amazon's Leonard R.

Sayles Page. Find all the books, read 5/5(2). Jul 10,  · The most effective managers always follow-up, are true to their word, have a proven track record, and have a reputation of getting things done. The best managers earn respect through performance. What effective general managers really do John P.

Kotter The main argument Traditional management functions (i.e. planning, staffing & organising, directing & controlling) are not regarded as being the most effective for a "good manager". Effective Managers: what do they really do!

The role of managers seems to have expanded considerably over the years. While everybody is aware of the organisational and motivational skills required, effective managers actually handle a wide range of tasks including recruiting top talent, monitoring staff performance, supporting teams and .

What effective managers really do
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